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Ugo Guidi: l'uomo, l'arte, le grandi opere is a virtual exhibition realized by Federico Giannini as a project for University degree in Humanities Computing, University of Pisa, Academic year 2007/2008.
Supervisors: Prof.ssa Enrica Salvatori, Dott.ssa Chiara Renso.

All texts written by Federico Giannini. Translation by Federico Giannini.

Graphics realized by Federico Giannini. This site has been developped in php/mysql language using the program Wamp 5. The site has been validated for XHTML 1.0 and CSS.

Thanks to Vittorio Guidi for his precious collaboration and to the persons who have tested the site.

If you want to visit the Museo Ugo Guidi, please write to Vittorio Guidi (vittorio_guidi @ hotmail.com) or telephone to the number +39 0585 348510 or +39 348 3020538.

If you want to write to Federico Giannini, please send a letter to fede.giannini @ virgilio.it.

A project by
Federico Giannini

Museo Ugo Guidi - Forte dei Marmi Museo Ugo Guidi
(Forte dei Marmi)

Associazione Amici
del Museo Ugo Guidi

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