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Room I - The nature

The nature is the first theme described by every artist, because through the imitation of nature the painter, the sculptor, the goldsmith, the architect learn how to work. Ugo Guidi is not an exception.

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Room I - The nature

Ugo Guidi, Sheep at noon Ugo Guidi, 

Pecora accovacciata Ugo Guidi, 

Little Goat Ugo Guidi, 

Pecora Ugo Guidi, Piglet Pietro Tacca, Il 

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1. Ugo Guidi, The Little Goat

2. Ugo Guidi, The Piglet

3. Ugo Guidi, Sheep

4. Ugo Guidi, Crouched sheep

5. Ugo Guidi, Sheep at noon

6. Pietro Tacca, Il Porcellino

Realized by Federico Giannini - 2008