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Room V - Crafts

The Apuan river is a land of hard work: quarrymen, farmers, shepherds. Ugo Guidi know the toil of work and gives us an idea with these realizations.

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Room V - Crafts

Ugo Guidi, Fishermen Ugo Guidi, Shearer Ugo Guidi, Medical examination Ugo Guidi, Quartered ox Annibale Carracci, The butcher s shop
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Click on the tile to see the high quality image.

1. Ugo Guidi, Fishermen

2. Ugo Guidi, The shearer

3. Ugo Guidi, The medical examination

4. Ugo Guidi, Quartered ox

5. Annibale Carracci, The butcher's shop

Realized by Federico Giannini - 2008